Multispectral Survey

In the last years drones are catching on with many professional applications; one of the most interesting ones is the multispectral survey.

There are many fields of application:

  • identification of the soil type;
  • analysis on fire-affected areas;
  • liquid spills in watercourses;
  • identification illegal dumps.

However nowadays, the one which surely represents the higher level of interest is the classification of the vegetation indices for precision agricolture.

Thanks to special cameras provided with narrow-band multi sensors, they can detect vegetative stress or rapidly map cultivated areas, providing the agronomists many information useful for the fertilizers utilisation or direct intervention on restricted areas, saving time and distributing targeted products.

The use of an aircraft, in this case a drone, enables to map the territory with extreme accuracy and precision, compared to satellite maps whose ground resolution is worse (cm per pixel rather than satellites’ 10-12 m per pixel).

Being a proximity survey, we can plan the flights without waiting for weeks for the satellite pass.

Scheduled flights allow to repeat the comparison in different times, facilitating a quick inspection of the crop and providing the technician parameters of comparison with past seasons or different periods of the crop’s growth cycle.